Professional cleaning services
OneWay has been active for 15 years in the field of Facility Management, offering professional cleaning services: ecological cleaning and maintenance services, thus approaching the companies and businesses which optimise their expenses and wish to benefit from integrated services at the best value for money.

Keep Your Image Clean

Civil and industrial cleaning

The services provided by our cleaning company manage to cover a very wide range of needs and situations. This way, any business which has a space destined for the public, any warehouse in which work tens or hundreds of people or maybe even your home, can benefit from our services.This shows the openness which we possess, the fact that we chose to think on a larger scale and, most of all, that we are capable of following through any challenge.


Industrial and dry-cleaning services with cleaning technologies of the highest standards ensure the complete management of fabrics through pickup, washing, sanitizing and delivery to the beneficiary.

Maintenance and special services

Each building needs maintenance. We decided to meet your needs and provide, besides cleaning, a series of technical services, capable of ensuring the sustainability of the internal systems of the establishment. To have access to an integrated services offer lessens your new tasks, some new contracts and new pursuits.

Health and safety products

Just as any other products, the health and safety ones can be of a good quality or of a poorer one. We know the difference between them very well and this allows us to have a clearer insight the moment we make a choice. We can supply health and safety products of high quality at the best prices.

Maintenance of greenery/landscaping

Greeneries represent the first interaction with the client. A lawn filled with weeds or an untrimmed hedge shall subconsciously imprint on the client to a certain degree of unreliability. People are more prone to trusting someone the moment they see around them harmony, balance, beauty. The chances of a successful business can also be influenced by the way in which the greenery is being designed. Let us take care of it and worry about that.


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