Maintenance of greenery/ Landscaping

Greeneries represent the first interaction with the client. A lawn filled with weeds or an untrimmed hedge shall subconsciously imprint on the client to a certain degree of unreliability. People are more prone to trusting someone the moment they see around them harmony, balance, beauty. The chances of a successful business can also be influenced by the way in which the greenery is being designed. Let us take care of it and worry about that.

Selective waste collection

This represents, nowadays, a necessity, a social proof and most importantly, a demonstration of the respect paid to the environment. Selective waste collection allows first and foremost, a proper recycling of it. We are making available the necessary equipment in order to facilitate selective waste management in your company. We will also be in charge of its draining.
We believe in environmental protection and in its salvation. We want to be active participants to the preservation and improvement of the world we live in, and applying and respecting the greening norms is the best step in this direction.


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