Building Maintenance and Special Services

Have you heard of Building Maintenance? Well, each building needs maintenance. We have decided to meet your needs and provide, in addition to cleaning, a series of technical services, capable to ensure the sustainability of the building’s internal systems. To benefit from an integrated services offer would reduce the number of your tasks, new contracts and new searches.

Our experience in the field of buildings maintenance upkeep is due to the professionals with whom we collaborate and who will help you optimize the building’s systems, to lower the operating costs and maintenance for the buildings in which you carry out your business. We are making available the best services at the best prices!

High spaces do not represent a problem anymore from the cleaning standpoint. With the help of mountaineers we can clean the facades of large structures and also their indoors. Storage facilities or factories with very high warehouses do not present a challenge for us anymore. We secure our mountaineers and we let them perfectly clean up high.

Imagine your shop in winter, when the roads are covered in snow, ice and when a lot of uneasiness can be sensed in the passer-by’s walk. No one is thinking of taking their eyes off the ground in fear of getting injured. Imagine now that the entrance to your shop is a cleared one, the sidewalk in front of your shop is neat, ice-free and the passers-by can raise their gaze. Snow clearance will definitely help you stand out from your competition. We will make that possible.

The electrical wiring maintenance offer is based on the certification received from ANRE (Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority). Our company has the capacity and the necessary know-how to design and execute electrical systems, circuit panels, to set up outlet and lighting circuits. Whether we are talking about a new building or an existing one, we can redesign and rework the electrical system and, at the same time, we can also keep its regular maintenance.

In order to have a building completely and perfectly functional it is important that someone handles the maintenance of all installation types. We understood this need and we have decided to offer a series of complex services in order to not be necessary to resort to other companies for this.
The plumbers who work for us have the necessary training to ensure the maintenance of the sanitary facilities within the building you conduct your business, they can verify and maintain the fire hydrant installations, air conditioning and all the sanitary facilities which service the building.
As a part of the sanitary installations that is, the heating installations, we would be able to provide with the following:
Sanitary ware installation;
Water-heating systems.

The OneWay Company is ready to undertake fit-up work and finishings within your building in order to provide you with the best experience.
Among the types of projects we offer are also the following:
• Autoclaved cellular concrete and brick buildings, as well as partitioning;
• Drywall;
• Plastering;
• All types of concrete pouring;
• Coating and painting;
• Door mounting;
• Sandstone, tile, stone and any type of cladding;
• Styrofoam cladding – everything concerning interior and exterior design;
• Furniture assembly;
• Waterproofing.

Searching for companies to mend woodwork or sanitary facilities or electrical ones represents a waste of time and resources. OneWay Company offers you integrated turnkey services which cover all the needs of your building, starting with cleaning, electrical and sanitary facilities and even the maintenance and repairing of woodwork elements. We wish you to see in us a strong and trustworthy partner, a partner who will help you have a functional and perfectly maintained building.


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