Industrial and civil cleaning

The services provided by our industrial and civil cleaning company manage to cover a very wide range of needs and situations. This way, any business which has a space destined for the public, any warehouse in which work tens or hundreds of people or maybe even your home, can benefit from our services.This shows the openness which we possess, the fact that we chose to think on a larger scale and, most of all, that we are capable of following through any challenge.

Housecleaning living spaces is necessary to be done randomly or regularly, regardless of maintenance or of the daily/ weekly cleaning. Housecleaning means and implies sanitation with special equipment and products, adapted to each type of surface, window washing and cleaning carpets, rugs, couches, furnishings. The degreasing and descaling of the surfaces is another element which is part of the housecleaning.
OneWay helps you to have a sanitized, clean and fresh workplace by providing you with the best services at the best price!
It is a pleasure to see the before and after stages of the OneWay cleaning team intervention.

Repetitiveness is beneficial for us, but in this case, it proves to be essential for you. Housecleaning is not just a “one time only” service, but a service which has to be achieved regularly and responsibly. Regularity shows the interest towards a clean environment and favorable for personal or organizational development. The OneWay cleaning team is ready to offer you a daily comfort through high quality cleaning services. Each space shall have its autonomy from the cleaning schedule, meaning that the cleanup shall be made daily, two or three times a week or month and this can occur either in the morning, evening or at night. This aspect indicates a very high level of flexibility from our company, but also a higher knowledge of the clients’ needs.

There is no greater hassle than having to renovate or construct. After the work is done, regardless whether this is about the house in which you live or the company you run, the builder leaves behind an almost apocalyptic scenario. You need our cleaning services. You really do, because otherwise you risk getting stuck with the stains on the floor, having the windows forever spotted and you will not particularly like the door, either.

Large-scaled surfaces need a special approach, but also a quite complex logistics process. We have the necessary knowledge and also very clearly defined work protocols. We are aware of the specifics of each industrial space and the need to adapt to the restrictions or to the internal rules.

Weddings, baptisms, concerts, sport events etc., all of them are disorder-generating events and leave behind broad surfaces which need thorough cleaning. Because tomorrow there will take place another event and you need everything to be perfect. We can provide perfection, we can clean and set up the space for the following event. The OneWay cleaning team is here to help you safely get to your next concert.

There are certain cleaning services which need special attention, not only in terms of direct interaction with people, but also in the light of the materials out of which the spaces/ furnishing elements are built. We are ready to tackle any challenge and it will be impossible for us to say anything other than “yes”. We are a cleaning team which makes everything shine!

The cleaning of waterproof flooring is made with special mechanized equipment which we have in our endowment and of which we are proud of. We have searched for the best quality equipment, reliable, which will change your space into a true sanctuary of cleanliness. It will be a pleasure to see your reflection in the marbled stairs. The OneWay cleaning team will do this with you in mind.

It is not enough to just clean or wash the flooring. In order for the experience to be a complete one, we recommend that you apply specific flooring treatments and have a maintenance schedule planned. This way, the deterioration of the flooring shall be delayed for a much longer time, which means that it will considerably increase its lifespan. This also means that you have made a very good investment!

The care with which we will be handling your carpet or upholstery during the cleaning process originates from the awareness of the aesthetic value of this decorative element. A dirty rug, covered in stains is not a favorable sight in your house and a messy carpet at your office looks bad in front of your customers. There are a lot of those who judge the person or the business by the looks of the house/ office. This is why we recommend you have a regularly cleaning schedule.

High spaces do not represent a problem anymore from the cleaning standpoint. With the help of mountaineers we can clean the facades of large structures and also their indoors. Storage facilities or factories with very high warehouses do not present a challenge for us anymore. We secure our mountaineers and we let them perfectly clean up high.


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